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The importance of having a will.

Many people believe that their family will automatically inherit all their belongings when they pass away and therefore think a will is of no importance. By not having a will your chances are increased that there will be delays in the administration of the estate as the estate will be divided according to the intestate Succession Act. You will have no say in the person being appointed as Executor as the court will make this decision. The estate will be divided between intestate heirs. Any minor heir’s inheritance will be reduced to cash and kept in the Guardians fund of the Master of the High Court until the heir turns 18 years old.

Why your attorney should draft your will:

Your attorney has an overview and understanding of the Wills act and all relevant legislation. Any legal problem that may arise will immediately be recognizable. When required, your attorney will be able to prepare the necessary documents speedily and effectively attend to the administration process. Where no will is drafted the estate could face delays and unnecessary expenses.

What we offer our clients:

Drafting your will according to your wishes.

Applicable knowledge of new legislation that might affect your will.

Safekeeping of your will.

Reviewing and changing your will at any time.

Reporting and administration of the estate in the event of your demise.

Please complete the form below in full.

Will Application Form:
Please attach a copy of the Antenuptial Contract
Please add all your dependents as per the format above
Please add all the relevant information as per the format above
Please add all the guardians

Once you have submitted all the relevant information our Attorneys will draft your Will and send you an original copy to be signed.